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Here's what clients say about our courses

Outdoor/Forest School first aid course @ Wigan June 2017

‘So far the best first aid course I’ve been on. Much more relevant to my working environment and the outdoor scenarios have made me feel much more confident to deal with situations’

First Aid at Work @ Carlisle Youth Zone, June 2017

‘We love Andy @ Carlisle Youth Zone, a knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and approachable trainer. I feel very ready to deal with any first aid emergency that might present itself’

First Aid at Work @ Carlisle Youth Zone, June 2017

‘As always this was a very good and informative course. Andrea is a fantastic trainer and always gets staff motivated and involved. It was great to hear staff talking how we can improve what we do in some areas and how much confidence they have gained’

Outdoor/Forest School first aid course @ Liverpool, August 2017

“Delivery style really easy to follow, very friendly & supportive, logical, common sense, dispelled myths, used examples relevant to my job. Thanks very much, I will defo recommend.”

Outdoor First Aid course with YDNPA Rangers, August 2017

“Very different to previous courses, more relevant outdoors, refreshingly active, encouraging, positive and very effective”
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